The Great Disruption has Begun

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Paul Gilding argues that the world has reached “a multi-system tipping point” that will bring “the Great Disruption”: “a destabilisation of the global climate system at a scale that is so chaotic, unpredictable and costly, it will trigger cascading disruptive change in the global economy, national politics, investment markets and geopolitical security.” Gilding predicts that more specific consequences will include: a climate that spirals into novel patterns that disrupt infrastructure, supply chains, and insurance; multiple food crises; scarcity induced mass violence, war, and migration; an accelerated and tumultuous transition away from fossil fuels; and more urgent (even drastic) efforts to slow climate warming.

Image: Copernicus Climate Change Service


Paul Gilding

Publication Date

3 September 2023


Cockatoo Chronicles [blog]


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Blog Post

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Climate • Earth System • Economy • Energy • Food • Geopolitics and International Security
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