Polycrisis? What Polycrisis?


Alistair Benn argues that the polycrisis, with its overwhelming notion of multiple inter-related crises, is an illusory product of social media technologies that overload users with “shock after shock” and create a false impression of connections between the world’s problems. The solution to the polycrisis is thus to reduce exposure to social media and better understand our own psychology. “The first step away from this deeply embedded assumption – that reality has become more confusing, more disturbing than ever before, that our crises are more unknowably complex than those of the past – is to reflect on how much this is merely a conscious attempt to deal with the technologically mediated reality we find ourselves trapped in.”


Alastair Benn

Publication Date

5 September 2023


Engelsberg Ideas



Resource Type

Blog Post

Systems Addressed

Technology • Worldviews

Uses the term polycrisis

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