Multiple global crises are worsening one another to produce what many policymakers, scholars, and commentators call a “polycrisis.” This website is a hub that helps this emerging community better understand and address the intersecting crises affecting humanity.


January 17 2024

Polycrisis in the Anthropocene: An Invitation to Contributions and Debates

This commentary introduces “Polycrisis in the Anthropocene,” a special issue of Global Sustainability journal. It elaborates upon three major contributions of the issue's lead article, “Global Polycrisis: The Causal Mechanisms of Crisis Entanglement,” and it ...

January 17 2024

Global Polycrisis: The Causal Mechanisms of Crisis Entanglement

The authors translate polycrisis from a loose concept into a research agenda by providing the concept with a substantive definition, highlighting its value-added in comparison to related concepts, and developing a theoretical framework to explain ...

January 10 2024

Global Risks Report 2024

This 19th edition of the World Economic Forum's annual Global Risk Report is based on a risk perception survey conducted with nearly 1500 experts from academia, government, business, and civil society. Chapter 1 focuses on ...

December 21 2023

A Year in Crises

Tim Sahay surveys the many crises covered in The Polycrisis newsletter over the last year and identifies four key shifts: northern countries are increasingly concerned with their own economic resilience but have not reformed the ...

December 7 2023

The Terrible Twenties? The Assholocene? What to Call Our Chaotic Era

Kyle Chayka considers different possible labels for "our chaotic historical moment, a term that we can use when we want to evoke the panicky incoherence of our lives of late." Contenders include artist and author ...

December 1 2023

You Say You Want a Revolution: Dreaming of New Futures in the Polycrisis

James Gustave Speth argues that the polycrisis has undermined earlier hopes for steady, gradual, progressive change, but is also stimulating new and unconventional visions for transformative change that should not be quickly dismissed.

November 13 2023

Evolution of the polycrisis: Anthropocene traps that challenge global sustainability

Using expert solicitation, the authors identify 14 "evolutionary traps" (global, technological, and structural) that risk locking humanity into unfavorable (maladaptive) trajectories that seriously restrict its ability to adapt to the Anthropocene. These traps develop over ...

October 18 2023

Why So Much is Going Wrong at the Same Time

Addressing critiques of the polycrisis concept from the political right and left, Thomas Homer-Dixon argues that the world is in a polycrisis generated by novel and unprecedented conditions, as measured by total human energy consumption, ...

October 5 2023

Understanding Polycrisis: Definitions, Applications, and Responses

This paper compares conceptualizations of the term "polycrisis," raising questions about the key aspects of different definitions while stressing a convergence in critical features. It conceives a polycrisis as a state in which multiple, macroregional, ...

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