Polycrisis Community Map

Data collection and map by Katherine Matos Meza, with technical support from Jinelle Piereder.

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This map charts the emerging community of scholars and practitioners working on polycrisis and closely related topics. It is designed to help them identify other actors doing relevant work and deepen collaboration in this nascent field.

How to use this map:

  • Hover over a node to see a brief description of that actor and its immediate connections.
  • Click on any node or connecting line to view the full record for that actor or connection between actors.
  • Use the filters along the bottom to highlight actors according to their actor type, the systems on which they work, their field/approach, the issues they address, and their activities.
  • Click “View Clusters” at the top of the map to see the community network arranged around the global systems on which actors focus. Click the large blue nodes to see the details of each global system cluster.

About the Polycrisis Community Map:

This map presents only publicly available information. It includes polycrisis actors, defined as individuals and organizations that:

  • engage substantively in the discussion of the polycrisis concept; or
  • work at the intersection of crises across three of the following global systems: built environment; climate; community; economy; ecosystems; education; energy and resources; food; health; policy, planning, and law; politics; security and defense; technology; transportation; and worldviews; or
  • develop analytical and practical frameworks to understand and address crisis intersections across multiple systems.

The Cascade Institute developed this map in partnership with the Post-Carbon Institute, Polycrisis Transition Consultancy, and Life Itself Labs, with the generous support of the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation, an Omega Resilience Award, and the Oak Foundation.

Suggest an actor or an update:

The map is an evolving tool that will be updated and expanded regularly. Please use the form below to propose updates to existing records or to propose actors for addition to the map.

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