Navigating the polycrisis—governing for transformation: The 2024 agenda for the systems community

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In this article, the authors argue that the polycrisis is the manifestation of challenges outlined by the earlier scholarship of the “global problematique,” a set of systemically related factors including political, social, and ecological challenges such as pollution, resource depletion, and population growth. The polycrisis is recognized as the outcome of profound governance crises that we are aware of but doing little to address. The authors assert that embracing the full capacity of cybersystemic perspectives, they can better utilize their research and processes to navigate the complex governance issues that comprise the polycrisis.


Louis Klein, Pamela Buckle, Nam Nguyen, Rika Preiser, Ray Ison

Publication Date

October 30, 2023


Systems Research and Behavioral Science Volume 40, Issue 6


SRES 40_6_Cover_.indd

Resource Type

Academic Journal Article

Systems Addressed

Climate • Economy • Ecosystems • Social Order and Governance • Technology

Uses the term polycrisis

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