AXA Future Risks Report 2023: A World in Polycrisis

AXA Future Risks

This tenth edition of insurance company AXA’s Future Risks Report surveyed 3,500 experts in 50 countries and a representative sample of 20,000 members of the general population in 15 countries. It found that the top three perceived risks are:

1) climate change, which for the first time occupied the top spot for both experts and public in every region surveyed.

2) Cyber security, and especially the risk to critical infrastructure.

3) Geopolitical instability, especially relating to Russia’s war on Ukraine and growing conflict in the Middle East.

The report also found that 75% of experts and 55% of the general public agree that “risks are becoming more and more interconnected and need transversal and holistic solutions,” while the remaining respondents favored specific, focused solutions.



Publication Date

30 October 2023




AXA Future Risks

Resource Type

Private Sector Document

Systems Addressed

Climate • Economy • Geopolitics and International Security • Social Order and Governance • Technology

Uses the term polycrisis

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