The Power of Crisis: How Three Threats – And Our Response – Will Change the World


Ian Bremmer argues that the world faces three major crises—pandemics, climate change, and disruptive technologies (AI, lethal autonomous weapons, cyberwarfare, and biotechnology)—but our ability to respond effectively is hampered by broken American politics and the worsening rivalry between the United States and China. The three crises, however, present an opportunity and the necessary impetus for political leaders to deepen cooperation and build a better international system. He proposes several key strategies to do so: a global Covax project to more equitably respond to worldwide health crises; a binding agreement on carbon emissions; a green Marshall Plan to advance renewable energy, create green jobs, and resettle those displaced by climate change; and a World Data Organization to govern information technologies and their uses.


Ian Bremmer

Publication Date

17 May 2022


Simon & Schuster



Resource Type


Systems Addressed

Climate • Geopolitics and International Security • Health • Social Order and Governance • Technology
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