The Global Polycrisis Reflects a Civilizational Crisis that Calls for Systemic Alternatives

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Zack Walsh argues that the current level of globalization, number of systemic risks, and continued depletion of the Earth’s resources will generate some sort of societal collapse. He details these systemic risks, defines polycrisis and existential risk, and discusses the distressing impacts of climate change on our global trajectory. “Current forecasts suggest that unless we reorganize society and stabilize the Earth system, we will experience a catastrophic collapse… Unless we use what remains within our global carbon budget to transition to a sustainable civilization, we may very well be reaching the peak of civilization’s technological development.”


Zack Walsh

Publication Date

18 June 2023


Omega Resilience Funders Network


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Resource Type

NGO/Civil Society Report

Systems Addressed

Climate • Earth System

Resource Theme

Catastrophic and Existential Risk • Societal Collapse • Systemic Risk

Uses the term polycrisis

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