Prospects for the World Economy in the Polycrisis with Martin Wolf

Crisis concept

In this video, Michael Hainsworth, host of the C.D. Howe Institute podcast, interviews Martin Wolf, Chief Economic Commentator at the Financial Times and host of the podcast “Saving Democratic Capitalism”, in advance of a talk that Wolf gave to the Institute. Hainsworth and Wolf discuss ongoing crises that factor into the ongoing Polycrisis—defined as “a time of great disagreement, confusion, or suffering that is caused by many different problems happening at the same time, so together they have a big effect” – such as national and international debt, the energy crisis, and the possibility of a second Trump presidency. Wolf also addresses the perceived inescapability of globalism and what makes him hopeful for the future.


C.D. Howe Institute

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May 7, 2024


C.D. Howe Institute


Crisis concept

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Economy • Geopolitics and International Security • Social Order and Governance

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