Positive Pathways report

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This Cascade Institute report explores how to translate an understanding of polycrises into actionable strategies to alleviate them. It suggests ways in which polycrisis analysis can build on existing approaches to systemic change to help chart positive pathways to better futures, by examining multiple factors — the sorts of systems changes required to avoid, mitigate and navigate through polycrisis; the progression between three prominent approaches to understanding systems change (leverage points, tipping points, and multi-systemic stability landscapes); and ways to build on current approaches using tools like Cross-Impact Balance (CIB) analysis, to advance the search for positive pathways by identifying alternative possible equilibria in global systems.


Michael Lawrence and Megan Shipman

Publication Date

June 27, 2024


Cascade Institute


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Systems Addressed

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Disaster Prevention and Response • Policy and Practice • Sustainability and Transition • Theory Building

Uses the term polycrisis

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