Mitigating Global Warming is Not Our Only Problem: Are We “Sleepwalking” Towards a Global Polycrisis?

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William White argues that climate policy around the world is lacking in dimensions of “should” (clear analysis of what must be done), “could” (the power to implement solutions), and “would” (the actual use of that power to address the problem). The even greater challenge, however, is that climate change is not the only global systemic problem; it interacts with risks and crises in other global systems that face similar policy shortcomings, which could together escalate into a polycrisis.


William White

Publication Date

13 September 2023


Global Risk Institute


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Resource Type

Think Tank (or University) Report

Systems Addressed

Climate • Economy • Energy • Geopolitics and International Security

Resource Theme

Policy and Practice • Systemic Risk

Uses the term polycrisis

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