Let’s Avoid ‘Trigger Fixation’


The authors argue that a trigger event can’t start a crisis by itself; some underlying stress or stresses must also be operating. They contend that leaders should pay far more attention to these stresses, because they’re ultimately far more important.

The original title of the article was “Let’s Avoid ‘Trigger Fixation.” The Globe and Mail renamed the article “When It Comes to Wildfires or COVID-19, Focusing on Simple Explanations Might Make Things Worse.”

Image by Jesse Winter, Globe and Mail 


Michael Lawrence and Thomas Homer-Dixon

Publication Date

19 August 2023


The Globe and Mail



Resource Type

Op-Ed Commentary

Systems Addressed

Climate • Earth System • Ecosystems • Health

Resource Theme

Disaster Prevention and Response • Policy and Practice • Sustainability and Transition • Systemic Risk • Theory Building

Uses the term polycrisis

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