Global Risks Report 2024


This 19th edition of the World Economic Forum’s annual Global Risk Report is based on a risk perception survey conducted with nearly 1500 experts from academia, government, business, and civil society. Chapter 1 focuses on three risks that have grown of increasing concern over the next two years: false information, interstate violent conflict, and economic downturn. Chapter 2 surveys four structural forces driving change in the risk landscape (climate change, demographic bifurcation, geostrategic shifts, and technological acceleration) then presents four scenarios that each emphasize a structural force: climate change exceeds 3°C; runaway AI; the peak and decline of human development; and a massive crime wave. Chapter 3 explores four approaches to risk reduction in increasing order of the amount of cooperation required: localized strategies, breakthrough endeavors, collective actions, and cross-border coordination.


World Economic Forum

Publication Date

10 January 2024


World Economic Forum



Resource Type

International Organization Report

Systems Addressed

Climate • Earth System • Economy • Geopolitics and International Security • Social Order and Governance • Technology
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