Polycrisis Resource Library

The Polycrisis Resource Library is a growing collection of media that help to understand polycrisis, develop strategies to address polycrisis, and build a field of polycrisis analysis.

Positive Pathways report

Michael Lawrence and Megan Shipman

This Cascade Institute report explores how to translate an understanding of polycrises into actionable strategies to alleviate them. It suggests ways in which polycrisis analysis can build on existing approaches…

Causal Loop Diagrams handbook

Michael Lawrence

In this handbook, Cascade Institute Polycrisis Fellow Michael Lawrence explains how to read and draw a causal loop diagrams (CLD)–a systems mapping technique that helps us to think through our…

The Disruption Nexus

Roman Krznaric

Roman Krznaric explores the conditions in which crises lead to transformative societal change. He finds that transformative responses are most common in conditions of war, disaster, revolution, and disruption. The…

SONAR 2024: New Emerging Risk Insights

Swiss Re Institute

The Swiss Re Institute, the research arm of Swiss Re Reinsurance, harnesses their risk knowledge in re/insurance to produce data driven research with partner organizations, shared via publications such as…

Polycrisis in the Anthropocene as a Key Research Agenda for Geography: Ontological Delineation and the Shift to a Postdisciplinary Approach


Motivated by a desire to strengthen the social relevance of geography in the quest for global sustainability, Matlovic and Matlovicova discuss how the subdisciplines of geography and the rich heritage…

The Polycrisis: Behind The Buzzword

Clara Lachman

This article discusses the emergence of the word ‘polycrisis’ in 2023, noting its rise to prominence at the 53rd World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, and seeks to underscore the gravity…

Prospects for the World Economy in the Polycrisis with Martin Wolf

C.D. Howe Institute

In this video, Michael Hainsworth, host of the C.D. Howe Institute podcast, interviews Martin Wolf, Chief Economic Commentator at the Financial Times and host of the podcast “Saving Democratic Capitalism”,…

WTW Research Network Risk & Resilience Review: Emerging Risks from Geopolitical Shifts

WTW Research Network

This report by the WTW Research Network “introduces research and opinions that provide new perspectives to support risk management and resilience.” In particular, this report focuses on WTW’s work in…

Five New Roles for Think Tanks in the Age of Polycrisis

Ivan Filippov

In this article, author Ivan Filippov discusses how think tanks can assist in navigating the polycrisis by outlining 5 potential roles for them to play, elaborating on each role, and…

Global Tipping Points Report 2023

Timothy M Lenton, David I Armstrong Mckay, Sina Loriani, Jesse F Abrams, Steven J Lade, et al.

Global Tipping Points is a report, led by the University of Exeter’s Global Systems Institute and funded by the Bezos Earth Fund, that identifies negative and positive tipping points with…

About the Resource Library

The Polycrisis Resource Library includes resources that:

  • Comment on the polycrisis as a concept and as a present global reality
  • Undertake similar analysis using different—but related—concepts
  • Analyze crisis interactions among multiple global systems

Though not exhaustive, the Library strives to present a diverse representation of views on different aspects of the polycrisis discussion, and will be updated as that discussion evolves. Search for resources with the keyword search bar, or by using the drop-down menus to filter for type of resource, global systems addressed, and key themes.

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